About Us

Our mission at Cavnue is to build the world’s most advanced roads, that are safer, offer greater throughput, improve access to affordable and high-quality public transit and shared mobility, and enable more efficient movement of goods.


At Cavnue, we are developing and integrating technologies that will power the world’s most technologically connected roads (“cavnues”).

While billions have been invested into developing on-vehicle technologies – including advanced driver assistance systems (“ADAS”) and fully autonomous driving solutions – a small fraction has been spent on developing infrastructure to support and enhance advanced roads. At Cavnue, we are developing and integrating technologies that will power the world’s most technologically connected roads (“cavnues”). Our approach is centered around creating a digital model of a roadway that analyzes and optimizes road conditions in real-time, shares information, and provides proactive guidance to vehicles and drivers. This supports enhanced safety, efficiency, and road operating environments.

Cavnue allows public and private owners and operators of roads, and transportation systems, to prepare for and take advantage of the upcoming revolution in connected and autonomous vehicles.

Cavnue’s technology will power next-generation autonomous mobility systems for passenger and freight transportation, by developing the infrastructure technologies required for dedicated CAV laneways.

Cavnue's Offices: Washington, D.C., Detroit, MI, Palo Alto, CA

The future of public transit

In dedicated CAV lanes, today’s autonomous vehicle technology can enable transit solutions that are smarter, safer, and more efficient – and fairly and equitably improve transit access and frequency, including in communities with long-standing transportation gaps.

The future of freight

Connected and autonomous trucks can benefit from more constrained environments to achieve greater speed, safety, and lower congestion. This is applicable for long-haul trucking as well as addressing challenges at key choke points such as ports, congested highways, tunnels, and bridges, optimizing the movement of freight.

The future of personal transportation

Autonomous vehicles and vehicles with ADAS operating in these lanes can use the information on their surroundings and communicate with each other to move faster, more safely, and at closer distances, allowing more capacity in the same space.

Cavnue Supports Conventional Vehicles

In addition to dedicated laneways, Cavnue will equip roads that can accommodate mixed traffic (both CAVs and conventional vehicles) with technology and infrastructure that improves road safety and congestion.

This includes improved traffic management, predictive maintenance, safety alerting, and advanced tolling solutions. In the long term, as connected and autonomous vehicles become more commonplace, Cavnue’s technology allows for their safe and orderly operations and offers the opportunity to introduce dedicated CAV laneways, and eventually a transition to all-CAV roads.

  • Traffic management

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Safety alerting

  • Advanced tolling solutions